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What is a Phobia?

A Phobia is the experience of having intense feelings of fear about a particular object, situation, or experience that is out of proportion to the actual threat posed. Simple Phobias are experienced in relation to particular animals, situations such as heights or visiting the dentist, medical procedures, or perhaps flying, while Complex Phobias can be more severe and life limiting, such as fears related to social interactions or agoraphobia (fear of being trapped or in open spaces or without an easily accessed escape). A Phobia is typically experienced when the individual is facing (or can anticipate facing) the source of their fear and can be quite debilitating. Phobias can impede one’s ability to function normally, to receive medical care, to travel, or to socialize effectively with others.

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Treatment For Phobia

Like other forms of anxiety, Phobias can be overcome using empirically-driven treatment methods to help you regain your sense of confidence in yourself and trust in the world around you. Exposure Therapy is the front-line approach for treatment of Phobias and involves gradually facing your fears in a planned and supported manner in order that you can develop a more realistic and empowered relationship with the feared object, activity, or scenario. A therapist trained to treat Phobias using Exposure Therapy can offer you access to support, can help you identify opportunities for healing and growth, and can aid you in structuring and prioritizing the steps in your  journey towards freedom and quality of life.


What We Offer

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Individual Therapy

Meet your therapist one or more times weekly to assess your therapeutic needs, formulate a game plan to create change, work together to make meaningful and evident progress, and develop lifelong skills to navigate life gracefully and courageously. Home visits and community-based exposure sessions are available.

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