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About OCD and PTSD

Who We Are

The Epiphany Center for OCD and PTSD is here to support you in overcoming the pain of anxiety and fear and reclaiming your best life and most joyful you.

Whether you are suffering from the cyclic anxiety and distress of OCD or the recurring fear and pain of PTSD, we are here to help you and know what to do.  You are not alone.  Using gold-standard therapies to help you recover, the Epiphany Center can help you face your fears with courage, determination, and hope.

The Epiphany Center for OCD and PTSD provides comprehensive care for individuals across the adult life span, starting at age 18.  We welcome and celebrate all people and strive to be a safe, supportive, and empowering place for all.  

Epiphany Center OCD & PTSD|About OCD and PTSD

Meet The Team

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Rachel Tombaugh, MA, LPC
Owner / Clinical Director
Stephanie Minaudo
Stephanie Minaudo

What is ODC and PTSD?


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – A condition that affects millions of people and which is characterized by the experience of recurring, intrusive thoughts, fears, and unwanted impulses called obsessions. 


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – A condition that can result following the experience of an overwhelming and frightening event (called a trauma) and which leads to both re-experiencing symptoms that evoke intense memories of the event.


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