Stephanie Minaudo

Stephanie Minaudo


Anxiety & Trauma Therapist

Epiphany Center OCD & PTSD|Stephanie Minaudo

Stephanie is a highly specialized trauma and anxiety therapist who incorporates the strongest and most effective modalities into her holistic treatment approach. Striving to be the best therapist she can be is her passion and calling so she can help people heal at the deepest level. With over ten years of experience and a deep commitment to ongoing training and expansion of her knowledge and skill set, Stephanie is devoted to helping her clients achieve their goals for healing and wellness. Stephanie’s warmth and kindness is matched by her extensive skill and training, which includes EMDR training, Prolonged Exposure, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy level II, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Having pursued her education at both the undergraduate and Master’s levels in Social Work at Western Michigan State University and Wayne State University respectively, Stephanie has dedicated her life to helping others, and has worked in private practice, inpatient and emergency room settings, and in the medical social work milieu.

An avid hiker and animal lover, Stephanie enjoys spending time outside, caring for her plants, yoga, and has a surprising talent for air hockey. Epiphany Center for OCD and PTSD is proud to welcome Stephanie to our practice and is excited for the caring and talented approach she will bring to her clients’ care and healing.