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Panic Disorder

What is Panic Disorder?

Panic Disorder is a debilitating condition in which an individual experiences episodes of extremely acute anxiety that can come on suddenly and seemingly without warning. Panic attacks ccan be mistaken for medical emergencies and can send sufferers to the hospital fearing a heart attack or other major medical event.  Panic Attacks can leave sufferers feeling nervous, worried about when and where they may experience another attack, frightened of the physical sensations a panic attack brings with it, and compelled to avoid situations in which another attack may occur. Panic Disorder can be accompanied by agoraphobia as well, and can leave individuals feeling frightened of open spaces or environments in which they feel trapped, such as lines, airplanes, freeways, bridges, and parking lots. Panic Disorder can be extremely limiting to one’s life and functioning, yet is a treatable condition that can improve tremendously, allowing you to once again live your life with confidence.

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Treatment For Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder is a highly treatable condition despite the intense fear and disruption it can create in one’s life. Many people who struggle with Panic Disorder find themselves working extremely hard to suppress and overcontrol their physical symptoms, avoid triggering places and situations, and construct elaborate plans to escape their feelings of anxiety, only to find their symptoms worsen and generalize to other aspects of their lives.  Effective and skillful treatment for this condition includes elements of psychoeducation to help you understand the components of a panic attack and the cycle of Panic Disorder, understanding the role of avoidance in maintaining panic attacks, overcoming fear of the physical symptoms of panic attacks, and facing feared scenarios with courage and support.


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